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Fala aí.   "Eu vou te desapontar... eu vou fazer você sofrer"

- Hurt by Johnny Cash -



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    / SUMMER SALE — kaeghoro wrks – 12 /

    15 10 copies – 10 euro a copy

    art monograph limited edition package

    link to the store – store.kaeghoro.de

    _ limited edition of 150

    production infos:

    _ booklet
    _ 14,8 x 21 cm ( 5,8 x 8,3” )
    _ 48 pages & cover
    _ 4c offset printing
    _ eco friendly and sustainable printing
    _ mundoplus 120g/qm & 300g/qm – 100% recycled volume paper

    package includes:

    _ one copy of the monograph ( signed & numbered )
    _ ‘dweller’ – large sized poster
    ( 42 x 58,4cm ( 16,5 x 23” ) / 4c offset printing / 115g/qm matte paper / folded )
    _ 3 stickers

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    The blinding exception and the unnoticed difference.

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    Ysabel Lemay

    1. Circa

    2. Stillness

    3. Ornatus

    4. Illuminated II

    5. Venus

    6. The Transmitter

    7. Sanctum

    8. Heartbeat

    9. Repose

    10. Prelude

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    Daniel Siim    |    http://danielsiim.dk

    "Digital books are at a rapid growth and currently make up 20 percent of all books sold to the general public in the US alone. As the digital market is expanding, the need for analogue books is becoming more redundant. The redesign of the prodigious novel Star Maker, by William Olaf Stapledon, first published in 1937, serves as an experiment on highlighting the qualities of a book’s physical existence, some of which cannot be accommodated by an e-book. 

    This project is a comprehensive study of paper material, text layout and physical size. The book features various paper goods and weights along with a bookcase containing 16 A5-sized artworks representing a visual interpretation of each chapter, and a square-sized constellation map of the books content.” 

    Daniel Siim is a Copenhagen-based designer and a BA graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. His practice approach a wide scale of graphic design with a focus on printed matter, from small press to major publishing.

    The Design Blog:  facebook  |  twitter  |  pinterest  |  subscribe

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    when you start shipping something as a joke but then it’s like 


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Tore Pierce, apprentice @ Tat2Station, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Instagram: toreprc


    Tore Pierce, apprentice @ Tat2Station, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

    Instagram: toreprc

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